Another Hero Loses Battle with Cancer

JD Reyes lost his battle to Cancer yesterday. I have never actually met JD in person, but I followed his journey through his father Ely. This family along with many other families have been through hell and back. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemies. JD and his family were so much stronger than I could have been through the entire fight. JD had a bucket list that I fear he did not get to complete. He tried so hard to beat this thing with a positive attitude and a smile. JD brought a lot of people together in his short life on earth. I will never forget how he touched my heart.

He posted the below status on his Facebook on September 28th.

“Well the cancer I have has continued to spread and get more aggressive. It’s in my lungs, liver, pancreas, stomach, lymph nodes, kidneys. So and it’s growing fast so I might die soon. Just want everyone to know I love y’all soooooo much and thank y’all for supporting me to the end.”

I wish I would not have been deactivated for the past few months, so I could have offered some encouragement like so many others. Now that I am a day late, I want to offer this to you JD. Watch over your family. You are now their guardian angel. I hope that when the time comes, I am half as brave as you. You continue to be an inspiration. You have a lot of friends here on earth that will forever be #TeamJay.


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